July 3, 2015

Marie Dahlstrom – Look The Other Way (Feat. Sophie Faith)


We recently premiered Hans Island track “Let Me Be” the catchy and repetitive, stunning-vocaled gem which features the wonderfully emotive alto-vocals of London-based Dane and rising-star R&B songstress Marie Dahlstrøm; a 2013 Scandinavian Soul Award winner and one-half of the talented up-and-coming new duo , that includes Canadian producer Mawhs. On her most recent collaboration “Look the Other Way” which is the first track to release from the Scandinavian’s upcoming debut summer-solo EP, Dahlstrøm teams up with Baltimore-bred LA-based producer-songwriter D.K. the Punisher and talented UK singer Sophie Faith for a beat-centric 90’s-vibe R&B-soul melange which revels in an artistically impressive deeply-expressive melody that we love. Reviewed By Erin Shay.

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