January 16, 2014

MISUN – Travel With Me


We love MISUN. The D.C.-bred now L.A.-based band’s stylistic breadth (from R&B to surf rock to country-western, there’s seemingly not a genre the 4-piece won’t touch), pop songwriting skill (melodically and lyrically slay your faves w/ every track), and crazily impressive run of singles over the last twelve months (“Hills and Trails”, “Promise Me”, “Darkroom”, etc all knockouts). So clearly, partnering with MISUN to launch their first physical release on B3SCI Records was a 100% no brainer for us. We present the first single from MISUN’s brand new 7″ “Travel With Me”, a track that again finds the band pushing not only the boundaries of their own sound but of the indie 2014 palette as well (there’s tropical refs in there, a little bit of 60’s, Asian melodic structures, etc). “Travel With Me” is out Feb. 18.

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Rating 8.4


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