September 3, 2015

Oh Wonder – Heart Hope


Oh Wonder woos us yet again with their sweet-vibration singer songwriter magic on “Heart Hope” the duo’s last song to release in advance of their impending debut out later this week. Oh Wonder, who we started covering last October, first captured our ear on “Shark” the wily wild-side golden-touched song number two from the duo’s one track a month for a year series; a project that has consistently held our attentions and impressed us with its amazing thoughtfully-emoted melody-backed songwriting. We like “Heart Hope” as a perfectly quieting project cake-topper conclusion to Oh Wonder’s dynamite prolific series as it beautifully showcases their (now signature) slow-simmering luminous-synth-touched muted-paced melody-driven style and adds a little chic end-note twist of witty-uplifting inner-self-worldview songwriting wisdom into the mix. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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