October 22, 2011

Pinebocks – Flee / My Unfunny Valentine


According to his bandcamp page, Pinebocks is the still nascent project of Cory Clifford, “an indie pop obsessed 21 year old idiot living in Texas.” His first release, Flee / My Unfunny Valentine, is quite simplistic but is held together by strong songwriting. There’s no trying to razzle dazzle with gimmickry and layers of synths, just a man with words, a guitar and some feelings to share. “Flee” is very Magnetic Fields with a pinch of Van Dyke Parks. “My Unfunny Valentine” has a traditional, almost Leadbelly bent. These songs are unfinished, but they don’t need a band propping them up. They have enough panache on their own. Peep this and propose a toast to all the precocious youths writing songs throughout the Heartland. Contributed by Chris Gedos

Pinebocks – Flee

Pinebocks – My Unfunny Valentine

Pinebocks texas (Bandcamp)

Rating 7.95


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