March 3, 2013

Premiere: Barny Carter – Montpellier [EP]

Barny Carter - Montpellier

Budding Bristol, UK based multi-instrumental producer and composer Barny Carter continues down a road of picturesque soundscapes on his forthcoming EP, Montpellier. This sophomore release drops Tuesday, March 5th via DryCry Records. It features a recent Gilles Peterson (BBC) minted first spin with “Bouquet”, and as great as that track is, Montpellier as whole offers a momentous listen. From the serene initiation of “Clamour” to the piano chatter of “Oceans”, Montpellier boasts a complete body of work. B3SCI has your first listen-through, and if you have 20 minutes to spare, then we highly recommend that you lend your ears below.

Barny Carter (Purchase)

Rating: 8.4

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