August 14, 2014

Premiere: Oh, Be Clever – Tosh

OBC-Whistle For Tosh

New duo from Salt Lake City Oh, Be Clever launch forward strong pop sortie “Tosh”. The team of former scene rivals-turned-allies Brittney Shields and Cory Scott Layton, Oh Be Clever, as is evident on “Tosh”, deal in infectious and unabashedly big pop songwriting.

Vocalist Brittey recently had this to say about “Tosh” and it’s genesis as a song:

“’Tosh’ was written while we were on tour earlier this year. We had a break in New Mexico, where we stayed with Cory’s brother whose name happens to be Tosh. Touring in a tiny car together for days on end can be a little grueling, and sometimes the writing process gets a little blocked. When those songs that just sort of “fall out” of your brain happen, you have to roll with it and let the song unfold. It’s a snarky way of telling that person you’re stuck on to pack their bags, so to speak, and get out of your brain so you can move on. Tosh was one of those songs that felt like it dropped right out of our heads, and I have to say it’s one of the most fun songs to perform live.”

Enjoy the B3SCI Premiere of “Tosh” below and be on watch for new material coming from the band soon.

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Rating 8.2


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