December 2, 2013

Premiere: Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Elektromekanik Remix)


The winner of Wind-Up Records artist Strange Talk’s recent remix competition for their “Climbing Walls” single is this very good Euro-house-y mix from Romanian artist Elektromekanik. A silky smooth blend of 80’s-derived atmospheres and very current on the continent modern rhythms, the Strange Talk guys chose Elektromekanik’s mix based on, “how funky this remix is, but without compromising the song, it works so well with the vocals!” and “the guitar and bass, (which) has a very French disco vibe that we loved.”. We’ve got your B3SCI World Premiere of Elektromekanik’s remix for Strange Talk’s “Climbing Walls” below, go and get it!

Strange Talkaustralia (Facebook)
Elektromekanik (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.6


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