November 18, 2011

Radiohead – Bloom (Jamie xx Remix Pt. 3)


Fellow b3sci fam Erin and I were talking this newest version of Jamie xx’s “Bloom” remix earlier today and we were both like whoa (no Black Robb) “When did all music start sounding like this?” It’s kind of true, when did all music (at least on the internet) start sounding like Jamie’s new “Bloom” remix? So, great. Souped up British garage-influenced space R&B is now ON TOP. WHERE IS THE BACKLASH? Come on indie music press don’t sleep on that backlash. We know y’all love a good backlash. p.s. We really love this remix.

Radiohead – Bloom (Jamie xx Remix Pt. 3)

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Rating 8.4


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