May 24, 2013

Rave’s Fave: Temples — Colours to Life

Temples — Colours to Life

Temples debuted with their fine single “Shelter Song”, which led people to wonder whether the UK “neo-psych” band would be able to follow-it up. The answer is a firm yes with “Colours to Life”, their new single which offers a haunting and melodic retro feel. Temples dazzled audiences during a couple of unannounced gigs at last weekend’s Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK. They play great live. It doesn’t hurt that they all look like stars, with lead singer James Bagshaw featuring a perfect Tommy Bolan hairstyle. They’ve got some more stellar songs as well, so Temples have a serious shot. By Bruce Rave

Temples — Colours to Life

Temples england (Facebook)

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