September 17, 2015

Rave’s Fave: The Strypes – A Good Night’s Sleep and a Cab Fare Home


Two years ago, The Strypes were one of the hottest new bands emerging from the UK. They were amazing live and released their stellar debut Snapshot that blended uptempo 60’s rock and r&b. US response was promising but they failed to quite get over the top, possibly due to their label being involved in a merger. With all their potential, the questions arose: What would they do for an encore? The Little Victories album has been out in the UK for over a month. It displays a real maturity for the band, as they take on a heavier sound and varying tempos. As of this writing, the band still doesn’t have a US release date despite this being a strong follow-up and them being killer live. I trust that in short time, a label will come forward because this band is simply too good. Here’s our “Fave” for first single “Scumbag City”. For a song that stretches out a little more, try “A Good Night’s Sleep and a Cab Fare Home”. These guys will be fine in the long run. There’s too much talent all around, and the time will probably come when guitarist Ross Farrelly gets his due as one of rock’s premier players. Reviewed by Bruce Rave.

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