August 3, 2013

Rave’s Fave: The Strypes — What A Shame


Ireland’s Strypes have been gigging around the UK nonstop, having played over 200 gigs. Their debut album finally drops in the UK this September, and it’s produced by the legendary Chris Thomas (Sex Pistols, Pretenders, Roxy Music, Pulp, so many more). Their new track “What A Shame” is consistent with the high-speed garage music we’ve heard from the band so far, but with just a bit more polish. It’s also one of their catchiest originals so far. Expect this new album to contain the a few cover songs, as the band continue to pay homage to many of their favorite songs and artists. The plan is for The Strypes to hit US shores early in 2014. Keep an eye out, because they’re one of the best new live bands. I hung out with the band in England back in May during TGE. Check out our chat here.

The Strypes — What A Shame

The Strypes ireland (Facebook)

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