September 7, 2014

RAVE’S FAVE: Trapdoor Social – Out Alive

trapdoor social

By Bruce Rave

I’ve been spending some time with a young LA based artful alt band by the name of Trapdoor Social. The group has received kudos for their songwriting, harmonies, videos, and dedication to environmental causes. This final track on their ‘Science of Love’ EP is unique to this band in the same way that “Supermassive Black Hole” is unique for Muse. Trapdoor is typically cleaner with higher notes, which is part of what makes this harder and darker song stand out for them. It kicks off with a magnetic low-end synth hook that repeats throughout. This driving song was developed on top of that hook and is a band favorite of many who have heard it.

Trapdoor Social california (Facebook)

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