March 23, 2014

RAVE’S FAVES: Howler – Al’s Corral


Their World of Joy album drops here in the US on Tuesday. Lead Howler Jordan Gatesmith likes to describe their punk and 60’s/70’s influenced music as “bratty”, and this sophomore collection is somewhat brattier than their America Give Up debut. While he wrote the songs for the first album, this follow-up is more of a collaborative group effort. “Al’s Corral” provides a hot, hard, and hooky album opener. If you recognize traces of Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”, you’re spot on as Jordan admits to borrowing from that classic. These guys are a major entity in the UK. They will tour the UK and Europe for the next few weeks. After only playing a few US dates last time around, they look to hit a US harder this time around. See them at a venue near you sometime soon. Reviewed by Bruce Rave

Howler – Al’s Corral

Howler minnesota (Facebook)

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