September 26, 2012

Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (Simon SMTHNG Remix)

I have only the fondest memories of “Throw Some D’s”. The 2006 track by world’s largest forehead/rapper Rich Boy is one of those perfect rap tracks. Lined from pillar to post with top shelf hooks, flows & quotables, I remember a string of about three or four months that fall when “Throw Some D’s” was pretty much the only track I played (that and “Shoulder Lean”). Here, Charlotte producer Simon SMTHNG respins the track to a more melancholic soul palette. Utilizing a sweet as sugar minor-keyed soul/reggae? (Props to anybody who can pick out where this sample is from.) vocal line, Simon SMTHNG transforms one of the best rap songs of the last decade into one of the best remixes of the year. Check it out.

Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (Simon SMTHNG Remix)

Simon SMTHNG (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.4


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