October 31, 2012

Robert DeLong – Global Concepts

As his first release under the Glassnote label, singer/songwriter Robert DeLong offers us the Global Concepts bundle, which includes the single/title track, adjoining club and radio edits and another single called “One And The Same”. This release is another big step for Robert, who has been on the rise for over the past year, channeling different dance genres. “Global Concepts” features Robert’s vocals over a moombahton beat with different percussion, whereas “One And The Same” explores more of a D’n’B feel. To fully get the true DeLong experience, you have to see him in concert. Cuing drops with a Wii controller, old Nintendo controllers and joysticks, hopping on the drums, getting behind the computer; he is all over the stage. Looking forward to his future releases with Glassnote. By Brian Litwin

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