April 17, 2014

Sophia Black – OVR AGN (Prod. BASECAMP)


Risers BASECAMP provide a lush, low touch R&B track for songstress Sophia Black on the excellent “OVR AGN”. The L.A. singer’s sophomore single (“OVR AGN” is the follow-up to the more pop-leaning but still great “Kissing”), “OVR AGN” is great pop songwriting; melodically A+; wall to wall airtight w/ inventive hookiness; and its, most importantly, just accessible enough to current trends in R&B (there’s a definite bit of Jhene Aiko in “OVR AGN”‘s DNA) to possess that essential familiarity that all great pop succeeds on.

Sophia Black california (Soundcloud)

Rating: 8.3


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