September 7, 2014

STREAM: Semi Precious – Semi Precious [EP]

semi precious

Those who are partial to a little sample spotting (like train spotting without the creepy anorak jackets) will have a field day with Semi Precious’ self-titled EP. South London’s Guy Baron deals with the torsion of several familiar sounds in a unique way, before gluing them together with his laid-back, melancholic vocals. Each mini-track in the 6-piece collection is like a course of a tasting menu, and will have you revisiting the stand out tracks “When It’s Hard” and “Shaky Skies” numerous times before feeling anywhere near satisfied.

Released through Squareglass and streaming below, ‘Semi Precious’ deserves to be cherished to the fullest extent. Reviewed By Nathan Hetherington

Semi Precious (Facebook)

Rating 8.6


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