January 26, 2016

TEK.LUN – Left n Right


Get reacquainted with B3-featured Baltimore producer/beatmaker Rashad Tek Williams, also known as TEK.LUN, who we last discussed for his luscious and whimsical dynamic-dub-infused sweeping-energetic synth-y mood changer “Where I Was Born”. We’re listening to his latest unrelenting bass-laden beat-dominated dynamo called “Left and Right”, an all consuming track that beyond excels for its cinematic cartoon-esque keyboard interludes. The intense scatter-y keyboard melody (also an artful expression of the essence of the song’s title) contrasts beautifully with TEK.LUN’s intricately layered mix of psychedelic bass-vibes, spacey atmospheric synth, and distant vibe-y television effects. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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