July 3, 2015

The Internet – Ego Death


After teasing us with a couple of very excellent R&B-soul hybrid EP-introduction singles in about a month, LA-native male-female duo The Internet (who branched away from music collective Odd Future in 2011) just released their well-balanced soulfully-street dazzling-vocaled new “Ego Death” EP, which features a fine array of big producer names and choice vocal talents; such as, Canadian producer Kaytranada, songstress Janelle Monáe, rappers Vic Mensa and Tyler The Creator as well as singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy. The EP has an overall-solid steady stream of lush and emotional, vocally-stunning slick R&B tracks that beautifully showcase the duo’s many musical gifts and unique hybrid style (which we think also incorporates an eclectic touch of LA’s streets and hip-hop attitude). According to the duo, who are often known as a collective because they tour and perform live with four additional members, “Ego Death” (out via Columbia Records) is a “heady mix of confessions and come-ons” that is largely about “being vulnerable and honest…growing up as a band and individuals….acknowledging our egos and the egos around us, and learning from life’s challenges”. The best tracks on the album are hands-down the Vic Mensa-featured track “Go With It”, “Just Sayin-iTried”, the catchy-hooked “Special Affair” and (our very favorite) B3 recent-feature “Girl” the superb Kaytranada-produced second-single which we loved for its provocative on point-instrumentals, R&B-blessed sweet-rapture ending and golden-touch vocals of Syd tha Kid (who in her versatility and scope reminds us of the vocally-confident multi-talent style-setter songstress Gwen Stefani). Very very good. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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