December 17, 2015

The Internet – Get Away (Kayloo Remix)


B3 recent feature KAYLOO remixes B3 fave LA trend-setter music collective The Internet to quite a stunning result. We’re enjoying the French artist’s subtle yet robust trap-accented French-touch-permeated late night dance spin on “Get Away” the poetic-sexy vocals-led Ego Death album gem which features The Internet’s uniquely-gifted hip-hop soul songstress Syd. KAYLOO endeavors to go dynamic (with bass, trap beats and synth) yet remain surprisingly subtle and in doing so beautifully highlights Syd’s delicate ultra-female classic-vibe vocals (modern Gwen Stefani-vibes all around) while also creating a fresh and interesting spin on the track. Very cool remix. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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