February 17, 2011

The Raveonettes – Recharge & Revolt (Demo)


Yet another permutation of The Raveonettes sound on this demo for new tune “Recharge & Revolt”. The Raves sound like a bunch of other bands, stylistic mutation to stylistic mutation, they liberally pillage any number of influences (Jesus and Mary Chain to MBV to ’60’s Pop) yet they always sound like The Raveonettes. “Recharge & Revolt” feels a bit more from the MBV, Ride territory of influence but is still 100% (pure love) Raveonettes. Great melodies, great male-female harmonies, excellent guitar layering and arranging all the hallmarks of good quality Raves shit. Raven in the Grave, the band’s upcoming LP is due in April. Psyched!

The Raveonettes – Recharge & Revolt (Demo)

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Rating: 8.3


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