January 30, 2012

THROWBACK: The Reflections – (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet

By Chris Gedos


O.k. so this one’s slightly obvious given its sporadic rotation on OBG / Sirius 60’s radio, but The Reflections’ one hit wonder, “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet”, occupies a unique place in Detroit music history. Originally released by Golden World Records, the song climbed to #6 during the week of May 30th, 1964, one of the greatest in the history of pop music (the top three that week included “Love Me Do”, “Chapel of Love”, and “My Guy”). “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet” was one of Golden World’s centerpieces when they were acquired by Motown in 1966 and became the “Studio 2” to Hitsville’s “Studio 1”. Had it not been released during such a contentious week, The Reflections’ would’ve been a top three wonder. Only the thin production keeps it from approaching perfection. #allrightnowimspeculating

The Reflections – (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet

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Rating 9.37


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