September 27, 2011

Tom Waits – Back in the Crowd


Old man Waits has a new LP (Bad Like Me) due soon (October 24) which should have you super psyched. Anytime this legend takes a break from being one of the coolest people on the planet just long enough to get in a studio and cut a record, you need to be listening. “Back in the Crowd”, the album’s second single is a slightly island-y Spanish guitar-backed love song. The gritty, gravely, gruff Waits can write some seriously dark shit, but the usually candid Tom can also pen the sweetest songs of devotion. With Waits it’s always been about emotive honesty and connectivity, his ability to precisely point into the whole vast continuum of emotive quality is what really elevates (and keeps) him into the sphere of the best songwriters.

Tom Waits – Back in the Crowd

Tom Waits california (Official)

Rating 8.7


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