January 27, 2016

WOODS – Sun City Creeps


We’re listening to the swoony jazzy-horn-led melange of Cumbia-rhythm-textured world-funk instrumentals, golden touch folk-tinged psych guitar riffs, and sweetly-enveloping sunny Kinks-vibe vocals on new track “Sun City Creeps” from New York-based band Woods (who also run a label called Woodsist). Woods, who we showcased here in 2013 for their roots-y folk rock tunes “Be All That Easy” and “God’s Children”, are veterans who have earned a reputation in the industry for creating great psychedelic folk music. The phenomenal new “Sun City Creeps” is no exception. A multi-dimensional instrumentally-stunning psychedelic/folk hybrid track with a very catchy-hook, “Sun City Creeps” is a great first single to lead Woods’ impending album. Look for the group’s 9th album City Sun Eater In The River Of Light to drop on April 8th. Awesome. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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