June 17, 2011

WU LYF – Cave Song


“Cave Song” is swirling, cavernous, rapturous. This is as radio friendly as WU LYF gets on their debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, which was released on Monday in the UK and is set for August 22nd here in North America. The band has dismissed notions of secrecy and given several interviews over the past three weeks. Per lead singer Ellery Roberts, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain is a concept album originally envisioned as a film. In a nutshell: Son metaphorically kills father-king then is turned away when he attempts to assume the throne. Shakespearean Bros, Shakespearean! “Cave Song” has the best back-up yelping this side of Apologies to the Queen Mary. Any comparisons to Modest Mouse, Walkmen et all are to me evolution rather than derivation. Counting the days to their show @ the Echo July 26th. – by Chris Gedos

WU LYF – Cave Song

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Rating: 9


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