November 23, 2012

WU LYF – Triumph (Demo)

So it seems (at least according to a cutely worded note on the band’s website) that Wu Bro has, as a band, met the final curtain (that or they’re just being funny, we’ll allow you to decide). With the note was posted the unreleased “Triumph” which you can stream below (you can also read singer Ellery Roberts’ note below too):


I am gone. This isn’t the end. This is the begging.
We done business to be as free as we want to be; I’m exercising this freedom. Manchester and the life we maintaining is leaving me empty. It is a beautiful/ incredible/ insane world we live and I’m done walking round in baby step circles in a self involved bubble. WU LYF isn’t that important. So go do what you want to do. If you wanna play together, Play! your talented musicians so don’t waste that. I am bored of the most challenging thing in WU LYF being deluding myself of its relevance. Dirty free, as that show ended it concreted my decision that a change has to come. “Be the change you want to see” said a wise old man.
I’m going to keep on doing what I do; if the time comes in the future where we all truly want to collaborate on something then that door is always going to be open; I have nothing but love for you all.

But I want to live life that’s true to me.

Stay safe
your Brother from another mother…

(I’m gonna stay on email so keep in touch.)”

WU LYF (Official)

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