February 11, 2016

Akiine – Destiny (BAILE Remix)


With a continuous loop of his own deeply permeating moody atmospheric vocals, a colorful array of phenomenal simmering low-touch beats and some outstanding rhythmic percussion, NY-based German BAILE creates considerable depth and dimension on his remix of 2015 Janet Jackson-vibe r&b vocals-led wonder “Destiny” (from London-based songstress-producer Akiine). We really like how BAILE keeps the original’s percussion-filled Brit-garage feel and leaves the track’s lead vocal line basically intact while changing up the vibe to something vastly different and more electro oriented. A slow-fast methodical rhythm-centric beats-scape with a soulful techno undercurrent, “Destiny” has a highly picturesque element to it that makes it a great candidate for a movie soundtrack. A must listen. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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