May 10, 2009

Art Brut – Slap Dash For No Cash


Art Brut – Slap Dash For No Cash 

Matt Mason points out a brilliant quote for any aspiring or established musician in his book The Pirates Dilemma:

“Here’s one chord, here’s two more, now form your own band” – Sniffin’ Glue Magazine

The punk generation thrived on the idea that music doesn’t need to be intricate, have glamorous production, or be politically correct, it just needed to mean what it said.

“Slap Dash For No Cash” may have more than three chords, but it communicates that very basic nature of rock and roll. Eddie Argos sings his take on music, “I love the sound of background noise. I wanna hear the crack, in the singers voice.” Round of applause. Isn’t the essence of a tune more important than the minor hiss of an amplifier or the sound of breathing during a vocal take? Any way you look at it, you’ll find the lyric in this tune is damn witty.

Their new album Art Brut vs. Satan says what it want’s and means what it says. Chill the fuck out Brian Eno

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Rating: 8.1

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