May 31, 2009

cleveland, i apologize

during the years of my youth, it came to light that if i watch my hometown team play any important sports game, odds of them losing will increase exponentially. studies were done and those close to me will confirm this as fact. i decided to leave cleveland… never to return

i was enjoying some fine indian cuisine in Little India Los Angeles yesterday, distancing myself from any sports entertainment, when the restaurants tv turned itself to the cleveland cavs vs. orlando magic playoff game. i could not get away.. my garlic naan, lentil soup and chum chum were already on their way. i finished as fast as i could, able to leave by the end of the first half of the game but the damage had been done.

cleveland will not go on to the finals, nor will they get the chance to lose another championship, nor will LeBron James probably ever play with them again (hova bitches). so to Cleveland, i apologize for destroying another crowning moment. Eric Plunk.. you have met your match.

so, if you are ever in cleveland and are winning something important (it could be possible), and some derranged intuition makes you want to lose. please hit up eric or myself and we will be happy to assist..

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