December 10, 2010

b3sci exclusive: Summer Fiction


Summer Fiction are one of our favorite surprises of 2010. b3sci recently had the chance to catch up with frontman, and singer/songwriter, Bill Ricchini to ask him a few questions about music and life. Check it out:

b3sci: Where can fans expect to see Summer Fiction perform in 2011?

Bill: We mostly play on the east coast, in NY and Philly, but yes, we’re coming to a town near you, hopefully. We’re planning some touring and speaking to some possible booking agents. We also just booked PopFest in NYC for the spring. Possibly SXSW…

b3sci: When people experience Summer Fiction for the first time, is there a particular message that you’re hoping translates?

Bill: I like to leave it pretty open ended and hope the audience or listener brings their own thing to the songs and performances. I will say the music is coming from a place of sincerity and hopefully that comes across on an emotional level.

b3sci: Just listening to the album, you can tell songwriting seems to just resonate in your bones. While your songs seem basic at the core they are complemented by fairly intricate arrangements and counter melodies. What has inspired you to be a songwriter, and what sort of education, experience, or vision leads you down your path of record production?

Bill: Thanks! I’m pretty obsessed with songwriting and arrangement. While I never studied music formally, I think I studied all of my favorite records growing up and somehow that is all in my DNA. I also enjoy producing, I feel it would be hard to give that up to someone, although maybe I will try it if Jon Brion calls.

b3sci: What’s your dream collaboration?

Bill: I’d love to write an album for a female singer and produce it. There are lots of gorgeous pop and torch songs I have ready to go but just need to find my muse… I’d also love to meet Brian Wilson. A while ago, one of the guys from Wondermints passed him one of my demos.. and I heard he liked it! That was kind of surreal… Music for film also excites me. I think Wes Anderson would like this record for some reason. Maybe it is the font choice.

b3sci: Is there a particular track from the album that you feel especially connected to or proud of?

Bill: I think “Kids in Catalina” has been really popping live. I like the construction of that song, the vocal choir and the vibraphone.

Summer Fiction – Kids in Catalina

b3sci: How would you say the music scene in Philadelphia has or hasn’t helped Summer Fiction along?

Bill: Philly has been 100% supportive. Bands, journalists, fans all came out for this record and many good friends from other bands contributed.

b3sci: Here’s a question we love to ask people… hypothetical situation, you’re stranded on an island and you can chose between having with you either 30 songs OR 10 albums? Which take the space?

Bill: 10 albums; no question. I like the thematic element of my favorite records, call me old fashioned but I like the way songs brush up against one another and form a complete thought. That’s what I went for with Summer Fiction. One of my choices would be It’s a Shame About Ray which is a perfect record.

b3sci: What are five things you can’t live without?

1) Guitar
2) Digital voice recorder
3) Marble notebook
4) Good food
5) Books

b3sci: What are five things that you could totally be cool living without?

1) Rent
2) TV
3) East coast winters
4) Hangovers
5) Traffic

b3sci: Has the internet played a role in the development of you as an artist?

Bill: Uh not sure. I tend to focus more on the message than the media, but the fact that the web is a great tool to share my art is gratifying.

b3sci: How do you discover new music?

Bill: Online, jukeboxes, shows, SXSW, radio, my friend Mike…

b3sci: What are you listening to at the moment? Anything influential?

Bill: The last Beach House record kills me. Arcade Fire and Deerhunter are really on their game… Kurt Vile is great too.

b3sci:In your opinion, what are some of the popular misnomers about being an independent and emerging artist/songwriter in today’s music industry, and with the general, casual listening public?

Bill: Maybe just how much discipline and focus it takes to make a good record.

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