December 21, 2012

BitCandy’s Top 3 for 2013

BitCandy is back to share some top new music compliments of a guest post via blahblahblahscience. So as you’re stocking your stuffings…without further a-darn-do, here are our Top 3 Picks for 2013 (queue celebratory trumpets)!

Kids Without Instruments

19 & 20 year old whiz duo, Kids Without Instruments, are not even outta college yet, but these talented Californians are already making solid art pop that could give Purity Ring and The XX a run for their moolah in 2013. We’re loving this preview of their new video, “Nausea Nostalgia”:


Little is known about NO CEREMONY/// beyond their Manchester bearings. This city’s rich musical heritage has undoubtedly influenced the trio’s not-so-chillwave, which is all at once tranquil and turbulent – a hypnotic oxymoron which Diplo and Joey Santiago of The Pixies have most recently been digging on.

Kate Boy

The Knife are back in business after a six year hiatus, but they face serious competition in the form of Swedish-Australian force, Kate Boy. So, we admit, we have only heard the one song, but “Northern Lights” is so hot damn sassy, our guts tell us that this guy-gal duo will be the next big thang in electro pop.

All of these artists were discovered by Curators – find out more about those bros, here. Finally, our thanks to the awesome blahblahblahscience for hosting today’s guest blog post from music filter and free online radio via BitCandy.

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