B3SCI @ CMJ: Hit Parade featuring The Sounds, Little Daylight, Lovelife, COIN, Misun, GEMS! Wednesday 10/16 Brooklyn Bowl


In less than one month NYC will once again become a mecca of emerging international talent for the annual CMJ Music Marathon. We’re pleased to announce that on October 16, All Things Go will be presenting Hit Parade, a showcase for CMJ attendees and NYC music fans alike, with a stellar curated bill of talent from the likes of ourselves at B3SCI as well as The Most Definitely and The DO NYC. The party will take place at the iconic Brooklyn Bowl with a line-up that includes The Sounds, Little Daylight, COIN, Lovelife, Misun and GEMS! CMJ badges welcome and tickets are available now for only $5! Purchase and get more information for the event here. We’ll see you there!

Hit Parade @ Brooklyn Bowl (Official Event Info) (Purchase Tickets)

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Giveaway: FILTER Presents Culture Collide Festival Prize Pack!

culture collide
FILTER Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival is preparing for it’s fourth International Music celebration headquartered in the streets and venues of Echo Park, Los Angeles. This October 10-12 the fest welcomes live performances from artists, film screenings, and happy hours featuring food and drinks in celebration of the more than 25 different participating countries. Having raised the talent bar yet again, Culture Collide will play host to live sets from Liars, King Khan & The Shrines, Iceage, Keaton Henson, The Raveonettes, Rhye, Chateau Marmont, GRMLN, Mystery Skulls and many many more. Basically, if you frequent B3SCI then you know that this festival is a yearly highlight and there is definitely some ace coverage coming your way.
We are excited to announce that this year we’ll be giving away a Culture Collide 2013 prize pack! That’s right, one lucky B3SCI reader will win a pair of passes to the Culture Collide Festival plus an autographed 12-inch vinyl of participating artist Chateau Marmont‘s Wargames EP. As big fans of this Paris based synth-pop collective, we recommend this group make your ‘must see’ festival plans and that their recent Invisible Eye EP tops your to-do list (get it here). 

Enter to win the contest by emailing us HERE and letting us know that you’d like to be entered in the Culture Collide Prize Pack Giveaway. (One entry per person). We will be picking our winning submission at random this coming October 5th, so keep an eye on your inbox! You can also get more details on purchasing tickets to the festival HERE

Culture Collide california (About) (BUY TICKETS)
FILTER Magazine california (Official)

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B3SCI x TBE x FBV Present: Walla, Story Of The Running Wolf, Memoir and more @ Venice Music Festival this Saturday 9/21/2013


We’re inviting SoCal music, art and food aficionados to come celebrate World Peace Day this Saturday, September 21st at the Venice Music Crawl festival in sunny Venice, California. For this unique all day celebration B3SCI Presents is teaming up with esteemed local-scene tastemakers The Burning Ear and Free Bike Valet to present an exclusive party of stellar live music talent at the popular Wursterkuche Venice (best beer and sausages in SoCal hands down btw).

Join us for this ALL DAY bash of amazing food, drink, and of course great live sets from buzzing local talent like Story Of The Running Wolf, Walla, Motion Cntrl, Memoir, Kid Cadaver and many more. Entry to the event is FREE! Check out the full party schedule and line-up below, and get more information on the event HERE. See you soon!


11am-close DJ Lionel Risky (of Mansions on the Moon) before, between, & after sets
1pm Glow Marrow
2pm Stag
3pm Say Say
4pm Motion Cntrl
5pm Memoir
6pm Kid Cadaver
7pm Dead Times
8pm Omniflux
9pm Walla
10pm Gamble & Burke
11pm Story Of The Running Wolf

Venice Music Crawl (Info) (Facebook Invite)

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Preview: MGMT album preview party and visual experience @ The Bootleg in LA This Wednesday 9/11/2013

MGMT album preview party and visual experience

We can’t front, we’re definitely curious about MGMT’s forthcoming self-titled album. Their last release Congratulations was as deep and true a test to any fan’s will. To a casual MGMT fan, Congratulations was like Clint Eastwood’s recent speech at the Republican National Convention, it was perceived as either ‘brilliant’ or ‘seriously… WTF was that?’

Los Angeles fans of the New York based psychedelic rockers MGMT will soon get their chance to indulge in a preview of the new album during an advance listening party at the Bootleg Theater this coming Wednesday night. Join in and you can experience the album along with a special display of visual imagery as handpicked by the band. We will see you there!

MGMT (Facebook)
Bootleg Theater (Info)

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Interview w/ BASECAMP


Words and Interview by J.L. Greene

Described as R&BDM, Nashville based BASECAMP springs from Music City with a unique sound that combines everything you love about EDM mixed with the best of R&B. As the story many times goes, the band began with a few friends (also seasoned musicians) in the music scene hanging out and talking music. With a passion for the supreme, BASECAMP is a very unique amalgamation that leaves a lingering impression. In an email interview, I got to ask bandmates Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon and Jordan Reyes a little bit more about their brand new baby.

BASECAMP’s self-titled EP is out now and you can have a listen below. You won’t regret it.

B3SCI: Tell me a little bit about how you guys joined together to form BASECAMP. Did it start organically?

Miller: We had a bunch of mutual friends and had worked together on a few projects for other artists in Nashville, and I guess one day we just sort of threw out the idea of doing a little side project together. Didn’t really have any plans of making it any sort of official ‘band’ thing, just thought it would be fun.

Harmon: Yea, the way everything clicked felt very organic.

B3SCI: Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds? Where are you from… school, etc.?

Harmon: Jordan and I are originally from Vegas. We grew up together.

Miller: Originally from California, but I grew up mostly in Nashville. I think we all kinda skipped the college thing. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to haunt us.

B3SCI: Why BASECAMP musique? Is there a specific reason you chose the French spelling?

Miller: There’s no particular reason, I guess. I think ‘basecampmusic’ and ‘basecampband’ were taken or something. Haha

B3SCI: For people considering checking out the EP, how would you describe it?

Miller: Well we started the project initially to try and get some placements in film & tv. So I guess we were leaning in a slightly more ‘cinematic’ direction at first. But yeah, I don’t know. I think my favorite genre description we’ve gotten thus far is ‘R&BDM’. Haha, seems to be the most fitting I’ve heard.

B3SCI: There’s a certain R&B aspect to the songs, especially in “Emmanuel”. Coming from Nashville, that’s pretty different. Why did you decide to pursue it?

Miller: We didn’t really consciously ‘pursue’ the R&B thing. We didn’t really set out with a strict set of guidelines, we just did what we liked.

B3SCI: How would you say this project is different from your past work?

Miller: I feel like we just had a little bit more fun putting this EP together. We did a lot of experimenting and playing around. And it’s really the first collaborative project I’ve been a part of, so there was definitely a feeling of having to figure each other out and build up a creative chemistry. There was maybe a little head butting here and there, but that’s natural (and typically healthy).

B3SCI: The EP is also a synthesis of so many other different sounds, making it a pretty epic experience. Can you describe the process of incorporating them all into the final product?

Miller: I think that goes back to the ‘experimenting’ thing. We had a limited amount of gear to make this record with, so we had to resort to a lot of unconventional means when it came to getting the sounds we wanted. Which in hindsight, I think was a really great thing.

B3SCI: How do you think you’ve grown musically as you worked together on the EP?

Miller: Again, this is the first serious collaborative effort we’ve all made thus far, so I suppose it’s forced us to learn how to make healthy compromises and find a good middle ground. That said, I think the most growth came from finding our balance with each other. Really excited about the new material we’re working up.

B3SCI: Can you tell me a little bit about your creative process? What does that look like?

Miller: Typically we start with the music. We build a track together, and once it’s to a certain point, I’ll take it home and start writing the lyrics and melodies. Then from there it’s lots of tweaking and polishing.

Harmon: Lots of tweaking.

Reyes: Yeah, usually changes pretty drastically from the initial idea.

Basecamp (Official)

Rating 8.0

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Preview: Summer Sendoff @ Bootleg in L.A. w/ The Decoders, Mystery Skulls, Harriet, Moses Sumney and more!


LA’s ‘go-to’ for the best local live music, The Bootleg, is throwing a “Summer Sendoff” bash this Labor Day, September 2nd! The party starts at 3pm and runs all night with free entry until 8pm ($10 after). Festivities will include a beer garden, food trucks, vendors, and a ton of music on three separate stages with performance from past residency artists and other local favorites like The Decoders, Mystery Skulls, Harriet, Moses Sumney, Francisco the Man, Grizfolk, DJ Anthony Valadez (KCRW)…B3SCI DJs and many many more to be announced.

Come join us for this great, homegrown day fest. You can find more details at the official event and Facebook links below. See you there!

Bootleg Theater (Info) (Facebook Event)

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Interview with The 1975 in Los Angeles 7/24/13 [Audio]


The 1975 made their Los Angeles debut known last Wednesday night at the world famous Troubadour in West Hollywood. The band were dialed-in that night and performed an inspiring, airtight, confident set; consisting of tracks from the ’75s four EPs (all released within the past year) as well as new material from their forthcoming Mike Crossey co-produced self-titled debut album (due in September via Vagrant/Interscope). Highlights from the night included “Head.Cars.Bending”, “The City”, “Sex” and set closer “You” as well as new album cuts like “Girls” which singer Matt Healy describes as (like much of the album) ‘made to sound like an 80s movie’.

Unbeknownst to the ’75 (or not), the guys are making moments. Whether winning over the likes of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, or turning heads at Glastonbury, The 1975 are poised and ready to take over the world; and they are doing so on their terms first. Prior to the band’s sold-out Troubadour set, we talked with Mr. Healy; discussing everything from the band’s history and philosophy, to their current state of mind and, finally, what fans can expect from their new album. Listen to the interview below and have a look at The 1975’s new video for their forthcoming single “Sex”.

The 1975 england (Official)(Facebook) (Read more about The 1975 on B3SCI)

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REVIEW: Andy Kaufman – Andy And His Grandmother [LP]

Andy Kaufman

Review by Chris Gedos

Andy And His Grandmother, the looong-overdue first LP from late great comic/actor/humanoid Andy Kaufman, is a powerful intellectual document for anyone interested in the creative process. For Kaufman, whose performance was so forward thinking that it still makes the avant-garde look passé, the album reinforces that for Kaufman’s life and art were the same, that the constantly shifting organism of existence provides for the most telling glimpses into human psychology. So for Andy, what better way to preserve these transcendent moments than to keep a micro-tape recorder running surreptitiously? Indeed, the great writers don’t create, they draw from existence. And as much as Andy chose to display his extraterrestrial likeness (most famously as Lakta Gravas on Taxi, an offshoot of his foreign man routine on SNL, who first premiered on the show’s fourth episode in 1975), there’s this infatuation with the kaleidoscope of the human palette omnipresent within Kaufman’s work.

One such track off the LP, “Slice of Life”, Kaufman is at his most confident: after sex with his girlfriend. After he gets past the pretense of “make believe that it’s not on”, referring to the recorder, the first line of the “performance” (that is, documented life without script or pretense), he challenges his “audience” (in this case, his girlfriend) with “it didn’t look to me like you were enjoying it that much.” A hilarious and universal motif, but in the context of reality it gains a painful beauty. He continues: “it looked like you were just lying there and like you wanted it to be over soon.” He continues into the topic of marriage, and when his girlfriend says she doesn’t like to joke about marriage, the shock of silence is detectable in Kaufman’s absence.

Produced, edited and sparingly narrated by Vernon Chatman (voice of South Park’s Towelie and co-creator of Wonder Showzen), Andy And His Grandmother has been pared down from 82 hours of material. Given the album’s final track, “I Want Those Tapes” which features Andy’s now-ex telling him to ‘fuck-off’, I’m afraid there’s even more unreleased hours devoted to Andy’s sociopathy, contemplating his death and future immortality.

Andy And His Grandmother is out this Tuesday, July 16th, via Drag City records. An essential listen for both fans of Kaufman’s genius and critics of the celebrity age, which Kaufman’s work foresaw.

Andy Kaufman (via Drag City)

A classic Andy Kaufman moment on Letterman:

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B3SCI Presents: Miner with Vertical Scratchers, Olin And The Moon, Guardian Ghost @ Bootleg Bar L.A. 7/15/2013


LA based folk-rock band Miner is taking stage at the Bootleg Bar in Silver Lake on Monday nights this July as the club’s monthly artist in residence. More than just a celebration of the band’s indie folk style fusion, the residency stint will also be “multi-art” themed, with a variety of arts, food and fashion installations present throughout the month.

On this coming Monday, July 15th B3SCI is pleased to present Miner on Visual Media Night with a bill of stellar buzzing talent that includes Vertical Scratchers, Olin And The Moon, and Guardian Ghost. As if that weren’t enough, Writer / Actor and longtime B3SCI family Chris Geddy will be spinning OBG, Post-Punk, and Jangly goodness between the evening’s sets. Entry for the residency night is FREE (21+) and you can get more information on the show HERE. We’ll see you there!

Bootleg Theater (Info) (Facebook Invite)
Miner california (Facebook)

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B3SESSION: X Ambassadors Perform “Unconsolable”

x ambassadors copy

Brooklyn based X Ambassadors recently stopped by Elias Studios in Santa Monica to perform a few tracks from their new Love Songs Drug Songs EP, and to do an interview with KCRW DJ & Music Supervisor Jason Kramer. This performance of their song “Unconsolable” especially showcases the band’s various stylistic intuitions, from pop to indie and alternative rock. Check out Part 1 of the session below.

X Ambassadors newyork: (Facebook)(Love Songs Drug Songs on iTunes)

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B3SESSION: Everything Everything Perform “Cough Cough”

Everything Everything B3SCI Session LA 2

During their recent stint through Los Angeles, UK based indie math-pop rockers Everything Everything brought their A+ musicianship and equally impressive melodic songwriting to this live B3SESSION for their track “Cough Cough”, from the excellent new Arc LP. Frontman Jonathan Higgs has explained about “Cough Cough’s” broader meaning “(It’s) about the power of money and the desire to get away from it. It’s also about waking up and seeing the world as an unfair place and then slipping back under the spell of greed… It’s about having no money, and wanting more money, and wanting nothing to do with money at all.” Catch the live session below and be sure to catch Everything Everything when they tour Europe this fall.

Audio mixed and engineered by Pete Min. Special thanks to Jason Kramer.

Everything Everything (Official) (Buy Music on iTunes) (On Spotify)

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Lewis Watson Performs “Once Before” [Exclusive Live Session]

Lewis Watson elias kdrphnc

We recently spent some quality time in Los Angeles with Oxfordshire, singer-songwriter, Lewis Watson and Music Supervisor and KCRW DJ Jason Kramer. Together we played some ping-pong, caught Lewis woo-ing his fans for a takeaway performance near the Beverly Fountain, and captured this exclusive session at Elias Arts in Santa Monica. Have a look below and be sure check out his new single “Calling” from Watson’s latest Four More Songs EP release.

Lewis Watson england (Facebook)

Lewis watson ping pong

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