Premiere: Stroik – In the Fresh

“In the Fresh” is the debut single from newcomer artist Stroik. The playful yet snide, ebullient yet cutting “In the Fresh” is a song full of contradiction and juxtaposition. “”You’re beautiful minding yourself / But they’re watching you like hunter’s prey / We’re laughing at the funeral / And on the way back we’re cradling camo” pretty cold, right? The tension and constant push/pull that exists between the track lyrically and the sunny indie pop of its instrumental and the adept execution of that tension makes for a definite standout listen.

Stroik (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.0


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B3SCI Presents: Incan Abraham @ The Satellite in LA on Saturday, 2/9/13


Saturday night February 9th, B3SCI teams up with Mouser and Origami Vinyl for an evening of music with Incan Abraham. The event is billed A Homecoming Rumpus, to celebrate the final show of Incan Abraham’s current Western Tour. Joining them on the night will be Cuckoo Chaos, Mahgeetah and a special DJ set by Honeybear. Get in the mood below with this fantastic new video for “Panama Dry” by Incan Abraham, the track is off the band’s Springhouse release. We’ll see you soon! 

*The Satellite is a 21+ venue, doors open at 8:30, the show starts at 9pm and tickets are $8 presale, $10 at the door. More information can be found here and tickets are available here.

Incan Abraham california (Info)
The Satellite california (Info)

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Premiere: Moxi – Terrible Disguise [Video]

L.A. newcomers Anna Nelson and producer multi-instrumentalist Andy Toy, and their excellent indie pop track (one of our favorites of the year thusfar) “Terrible Disguise” gets a video treatment. B3sci’s got the premiere. Check it out below.

Moxi (Facebook)

Rating 8.3


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Premiere: Robots Don’t Sleep – Little White Lies (CREEP Remix)

Two b3sci favorites connect as CREEP refashions Robots Don’t Sleep’s “Little White Lies” single into four and a half minutes of dreamy after hours menace. Spin the premiere below.

Robots Don’t Sleep – Little White Lies (CREEP Remix)

CREEP (Facebook)
Robots Don’t Sleep (Official) (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.3


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BitCandy’s Top 3 for 2013

BitCandy is back to share some top new music compliments of a guest post via blahblahblahscience. So as you’re stocking your stuffings…without further a-darn-do, here are our Top 3 Picks for 2013 (queue celebratory trumpets)!

Kids Without Instruments

19 & 20 year old whiz duo, Kids Without Instruments, are not even outta college yet, but these talented Californians are already making solid art pop that could give Purity Ring and The XX a run for their moolah in 2013. We’re loving this preview of their new video, “Nausea Nostalgia”:


Little is known about NO CEREMONY/// beyond their Manchester bearings. This city’s rich musical heritage has undoubtedly influenced the trio’s not-so-chillwave, which is all at once tranquil and turbulent – a hypnotic oxymoron which Diplo and Joey Santiago of The Pixies have most recently been digging on.

Kate Boy

The Knife are back in business after a six year hiatus, but they face serious competition in the form of Swedish-Australian force, Kate Boy. So, we admit, we have only heard the one song, but “Northern Lights” is so hot damn sassy, our guts tell us that this guy-gal duo will be the next big thang in electro pop.

All of these artists were discovered by Curators – find out more about those bros, here. Finally, our thanks to the awesome blahblahblahscience for hosting today’s guest blog post from music filter and free online radio via BitCandy.

BitCandy (Blog)

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Interview w/ Krewella

To say that Krewella have had a big 2012 is a bit of an understatement. The hotly tipped EDM trio from Chicago have done nothing short of being everywhere that they need to be this year, gigging with the likes of Zedd, Diplo, Pretty Lights, etc. and in addition have just released a new Play Harder EP featuring the blogo-smash “Come & Get It”. Fact – we couldn’t possibly be banging any harder to “Come & Get It” at b.3.h.q. as of late. Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Rain Man from the Krewella crew recently caught up with Brian Litwin from team B3SCI for a quick chat. Check out what the band had to say below:

B3SCI: You guys seem particularly selective with the group’s official releases. And with the material that has been released, the online community goes crazy for. What’s creative process behind putting together a true Krewella banger?

KREWELLA: Definitely. The three of us have learned so much from one another over the last few years that we have very similar tastes. It helps a lot when releasing content because we can catch so many things that we think might not sound right, and we can collectively come up with a solution. Also our two managers Jake Udell and Nathan Lim have great ears and give great feedback as well. It’s really a team effort.

B3SCI: Krewella’s rise has seemed explosive since your first releases, from “Strobelights” and “One Minute” to your debut EP, Play Hard showing at #1 on Beatport… what’s been the most surreal part of your journey?

KREWELLA: It’s got to be seeing fans singing our lyrics at shows. To hear a room chanting the lyrics to one of our songs is such a beautiful thing. When we were struggling to get by last winter in Chicago – creating our first EP – it was only a dream that fans would come to a Krewella show and sing along with every word!

B3SCI: We here at B3SCI love the vocal integration in Krewella, do you see adding a live element in the set anytime soon?

KREWELLA: Definitely. We don’t want to spoil any surprises but keep your eyes out!!

B3SCI: Playing as many shows as you three do, it must be hard to just sit down and relax. When you get those times to chill, what do you do?

KREWELLA: Visiting family is huge. We never anticipated being away from our loved ones as much as we have this year, so any time were not playing shows or in the studio we like to go home for a day or two. Also, cats and FIFA on xbox.

B3SCI: We’ve spent some time in Chicago and it’s refreshing to see a local act like Krewella really catch fire, especially in the EDM realm. How do you see the role of Chicago’s EDM scene nowadays?

KREWELLA: Chicago’s scene has definitely molded us into the group we are today. We started off playing grimy raves on the south side followed by even more grimy dubstep/electro partys in the city. Chicago has been having a great year with the dudes Flosstradamus and Lucky Date buzzing so hard and theres quite a few up and coming acts to look out for…

B3SCI: Your recent “Come & Get It” release dishes the Krewella party touch with more of a DnB vibe. With the various dubstep, house and moombahton explorations on your early material, can fans expect to see more DnB and other new ideas on future tracks? Is there a correlation to what you guys are listening to right now?

KREWELLA: We’re totally into DnB and drumstep, and we’re already working on some tunes for the album. We’re really loving Netsky and Pendulum right now!

B3SCI: Having gigged with major acts like Diplo, Benny Benassi, Pretty Lights, DJ Fresh, and having presence at so many major festivals around the world, what’s the next adventure for Krewella?

KREWELLA: The next adventure is to finish up our first full length album. We’ve been working on it as much as possible on the road these last few months and we have a bunch of studio days at the top of 2013 to really start completing it.

B3SCI: You guys seem to gravitate towards Jameson like whoa, what is your love affair with that specific libation and how did it come about?

KREWELLA: It was like love at first drink. We can’t remember the first time we had Jameson or who offered it, but we know it never went away after that.

B3SCI: After watching a look at your behind-the-scenes life in the docufilm, Krewlife. Looking forward, is safe to assume that more genitals will be rubbed on unsuspecting faces?

KREWELLA: Hopefully not… but probably.

Krewella (Facebook)

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Premiere: Noro – Nightingale

We’ve been spending a lot of time with this pair of pensively crafted compositions by New York singer-songwriter, Noro. After two years of incubation, and with a yet to be named debut full-length album in the pipeline for 2013, Samuel Hoeksema aka Noro has teamed up with Mouser to release this new digital 7″ titled Nightingale. The release drops tomorrow (12/11) as a free download and offers two tracks: “For Joy”, an upbeat pop ode featuring an array of synth textures culminating in an ethos of etherial chaos, and the more straightforward “Amor”, with it’s lyrical vulnerability and hymn-like quality. B3SCI’s got the premiere, so take a listen below and make note for more to come from Noro in the days ahead.

Noro – For Joy

Noro – Armor

Noro (Facebook)

Rating 8.4


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Presents: Zak Waters w/ Cayucas, Monte Mar and La Mer @ Central S.A.P.C in Santa Monica, Ca. 12/11/12

Head to Santa Monica this coming Tuesday (12/11) for live music from some of the best independent pop/rock talent southern California has to offer! That’s right, once again B3SCI is teaming up with Central S.A.P.C to present the month’s artist in residency. This December it’s throwback master of futuristic soul and recent Madeon collaborator, Zak Waters, who will be joined this week by recent Secretly Canadian signing’s, Cayucas, and local scene favorites Monte Mar and La Mer. Check out some videos and jams from the bands below to get you in the mood. We’ll see y’all there!

Entry for Tuesday night’s residency show is FREE (21+). Get additional details on the show here.

The Central S.A.P.C. california (Gig Info)

Madeon – The City (Zak Waters Acoustic Version)

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Premiere: Robots Don’t Sleep – Self Titled [EP]

Berlin producer Robot Koch has teamed up with oft-collaborating vocalist John LaMonica for his fourth release, and first with Robots Don’t Sleep. His new self-titled EP is a fresh galactic mix of composition and instrumentation for the European beat maker. Robots Don’t Sleep translates seemlessly as a band project, taking a songwriting and melodic focus similar to Koch’s previous work with LaMonica on The Other Side. B3SCI’s got the US Premiere of the new EP. Get into it below.

Robots Don’t Sleep (Official) (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.2


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B3SCI Presents: Gavin Turek, Jhameel, Kenan Bell, Hustle Roses + more @ Central S.A.P.C in Santa Monica 11/27/12

We have an exciting announcement for those of you in the SoCal/Los Angeles area this coming week! On Tuesday (11/27) B3SCI is teaming up with Central S.A.P.C to present November’s artist in residency and rising star Gavin Turek, who will be joined by a stellar bill of talent including Jhameel, Kenan Bell, Hustle Roses and a very special secret guest TBA (stay tuned for this one!).

To say the least the gig is a can’t miss, and to make things even better… it’s absolutely FREE! So come hang out with us and enjoy some great music plus oceanside breezes in Santa Monica this Tuesday night. Additional details on the show are here at Central S.A.P.C. and also check out some fresh videos and tunes below to get you in the mood. See you all there!

The Central S.A.P.C. california (Gig Info) (This Show on Facebook)

TOKiMONSTA – Little Pleasures (Feat. Gavin Turek)

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Premiere: Stevie Neale – Dangerous (Sega Bodega Remix)

New age electro RnB songstress Stevie Neale gets the remix treatment from Sega Bodega on her new and debut single, “Dangerous”. The Scottish boardsman succeeds in tranforming the infectious dance-floor glam of “Dangerous” into an ambient fog of dawn-like reminisce. Consider this the morning after with it’s downtempo chill and pseudo-trap of scattered vocal manipulation. B3SCI’s got the premiere for you below. Check it out!

Stevie Neale (Facebook)
Sega Bodega scotland (Facebook)

Rating 8.1


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Interview w/ Gold Fields

Lots happening for Aussie collective Gold Fields as of late, in between hitting the road with the likes of Diamond Rings and St. Lucia. Some of the b3sci crew recently had the chance to catch up with singer Mark Fuller to ask a few questions about the band’s forthcoming music video and album, the legendary INXS and more! Check out our convo with the band below.

B3SCI: There’s a certain electro ethos surrounding Gold Fields’ sound. How would you sum it up?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah there is. There are a few different things that I guess are consistent throughout the music we’ve written so far. Electronics is one of them and I guess it stands out because we play live as a full band. The electronic ethos has been there since we started writing music together and I guess it’s there because we all love lots of different electronic music. We didn’t really think a lot about it, to get the sounds we wanted, we just had to use synths and programming to get them so we did. We’re still learning a lot about all of that stuff.

B3SCI: Gold Fields’ remix work particularly has some synonymity with it’s originals? What is it about Gold Fields that makes anything you touch undeniably a Gold Fields project?

GOLD FIELDS: Vin and Ry do most of the work with the remixes. Over the past year they’ve been getting pretty handy with software and that definitely helped when we decided to record our album ourselves. All of the remixes we’ve done so far have been dance remixes but that’s not necessarily a rule and it wasn’t really on purpose… it’s just where we’ve felt we could take the song I guess. We’ve been busy finishing the album lately and the album is probably a lot less ‘dance-ish’ than the remixes we’ve done. So maybe any remixes from here on might be a bit different, who knows!

B3SCI: What sort of backgrounds cultivate the melting pot that is Gold Fields?

GOLD FIELDS: We all grew up in Ballarat in country Victoria and I don’t think our upbringings differed all that much, aside from Vin who was born in the Philippines and came to Australia when he was a kid. But all of us have a lot in common, mainly being that we all just obviously loved music and either learned or dabbled with instruments as kids and had our parents and families supporting what we were doing. We all grew up listening to pop before finding all sorts of alternative music when we started highschool… everything from Dr. Dre to Counting Crows.

B3SCI: Your single, “Dark Again” commands a dance floor. How have audiences taken to the track?

GOLD FIELDS: We’ve been playing it live for a fair while now, almost a year. Long before we recorded it and the response has always been good. But just recently we’ve noticed a big difference in the crowd when we play it, because some of them have heard the song on record, so they know the words and they know the parts, it’s still really new but it’s getting really fun to play.

B3SCI: Gold Fields have been all over the map gigging these past couple of months. What has been the most surreal part of your journey?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah we’ve played almost 40 shows in the past 40 days I think. And we’ve driven 10 thousand miles in that time too. So the past month has just been driving around America and playing every day. And the next month is going to be like that too. We heard our music for the first time on American radio the other day, that was pretty cool. There have definitely been lots of highlights but it’s very blurry at the moment. Besides the shows, filming the video for “Dark Again” was a highlight too.

B3SCI: Cool a video! Any glimpses you can offer?

GOLD FIELDS: Yep we just filmed the video for “Dark Again” recently in LA. It was an amazing day and we’re really excited. As I said, it was a big highlight of the trip so far.. we’re really looking forward to seeing some of the stuff edited. It should be out in about 3 weeks I think.

B3SCI: How has this consistent flow of live performances affected the writing process and general cohesion of Gold Fields as a band?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah we’re definitely getting pretty comfortable playing as a band. We already were but playing every day definitely drums it into you. We haven’t really had a minute to talk about writing as a band lately but I know all of this stuff is going to be heard somehow. I’m still penning stuff down heaps and I can’t wait to start writing again as a band.

B3SCI: What can fans expect to hear on your forthcoming full length and is there a nome decided for it yet?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah it’s called Black Sun and it’s going to be out in Feb 26, 2013. I think “Dark Again” is a good introduction to it and follows on well out of the EP into the album. We are really happy with it and that’s all that we ever wanted so if other people enjoy it too, that will be a bonus. In general, recording of the album was such a massive journey that culminated in us scrapping it in it’s entirety and re-recording the whole thing ourselves in my parents garage. Having just absolute freedom to do whatever the five of us wanted to hear and not have to consider anything else really worked.

B3SCI: Is there a track on the forthcoming full length that you feel particularly proud of as a band?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah a song called “Happy Boy” is my favorite song on the record. I think the other guys feel the same. I’m most proud of that one and another song called “Closest I Could Get” because I write the lyrics in the songs, and I guess there’s certain attachments to things emotionally, but funnily and weirdly those two songs weren’t written from my own perspective. “You’re Still Gone” isn’t from my perspective either… so maybe I prefer being a character in a song rather than being myself in a song.

B3SCI: Has the culture of Australia impacted the roots of Gold Fields’ music?

GOLD FIELDS: Yeah it definitely has. Our hometown, Ballarat has a really strong music community based around the one venue in town, the Karova Lounge… we sort of grew up there. We were sneaking in there when we were 16 and watching bands, to us it was the coolest place on earth and it probably still is. The owner, Willow, has helped us out a lot and so did the previous owner, Paddy. I guess more recently the electronic music coming out of Australia like Cut Copy, The Presets, Regurgitator, Pnau, Empire of the Sun, Flume… that sort of stuff has influenced out music definitely.

B3SCI: How does Gold Fields define what makes for a timeless record?

GOLD FIELDS: Something that doesn’t sound like an era and I guess it’s just about the songs… if the songs are truly good, then in 30 years time, the songs are still going to be truly good. When we recorded our album, we just disregarded anything other than what we thought sounded good.

B3SCI: Also, because we need to know, what was feeling was in Australia when INXS unveiled their search for a new frontman in the form of a Reality TV show?

GOLD FIELDS: Haha… There was a lot of people rolling their eyes and probably a few… or at least one person turning in his grave. RIP Michael Hutchence. INXS just actually announced they’re calling it a day. They were one of the greatest. Going back to the timeless record thing. “Kick” is one of those.

Questions by Brian and Mike

Gold fields – Dark Again

Gold Fields australia (Facebook) (Purchase)

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