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musicologist alan lomax dedicated much of his life to the preservation, collection & recording of folk music. a primary interest of lomax was the folk music of the american south. he recorded prisoners & sharecroppers, balladeers & clergymen. alan lomax had a profound love for this music, something you can really feel in his recordings. here’s a few of our favs:

01. Odetta – “Another Man Done Gone”
02. John Davis – “Moses Don’t Get Lost”
03. Bessie Jones – “See Aunt Dinah”
04. Viola James – “Tryin’ to Make Heaven My Home”
05. Anderson Burton – “God’s Unchanging Hand”
06. Henry Morrison – “Lazarus”
07. Ed Lewis & Prisoners – “Tom Devil”
08. 22 & Group – “Prettiest Train”
09. Mississippi Fred McDowell – “I Want Jesus”
10. Moving Star Hall Singers – “You Got to Move”

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THROWBACK SATURDAYS: Oblivians – “Live the Life”


Oblivians – Live the Life

i want to live the life i sing about in this blog. i love this song so much! lets dance!

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PLAY BOTH VIDEOS AT THE SAME TIME: St. Vincent – “Actor Out of Work” vs. Red Cafe “Hottest in the Hood” (Remix)

you are your own DJ. you can mix the volume levels, start/pause times, fade one song in while fading the other out.

zombie janis joplin show us what you’re workin with!


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We Are Happy Plants – Apollo


We Are Happy Plants – Apollo

WE ARE HAPPY PLANTS take us to an 80’s dance party in the future..

Anybody who has been to epcot/spaceship Earth will definitely be reminded of this:

Yet, somehow I also think of this… wait till the end:

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rating: clocks measure time


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New Wilco Record!


Wilco’s new album, Wilco (the Album), is due out the end of June. It’s streaming at the link below. $20 says that b-rock is listening this very moment. The Chicago in me is freaking out, diggin the record… especially “I’ll Fight”, check it out…

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Rastus – Sailin’ Easy

Danny and the Sounds of Souls shift their line up to make Rastus. Dynamic horns, drums, soulful singing… UGH hit me!

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Later… with Jools Holland


Sometimes when watching your telescreen, impulse leads you to revisit that old something you used to love. For me it was music tv. Naturally… my options were limited, but i soon flipped to fuse and learned that occasionally they air the BBC’s Later… with Jools Holland. I was shocked! But it all came together when the thought police attacked me and told me it wasn’t real real. Music + Television = Hills

“music television”

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THROWBACK SATURDAYS: Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Going Down River”


Mississippi Fred McDowell – Going Down River

holy shit this guy ruled. buy everything he ever recorded.

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Brakes – Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)


Brakes – Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)

Brakes sing the proper battle cry to our killer tape monster. So, since British Sea Power performed with trees and a variety of taxidermy on stage, does that mean that Brakes should perform with space age shit? This track rocks it. And it’s what you could only hope for from this hodgepodge of a supergroup.

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Rating: 8

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It’s Official: Slash is TRIPPING BALLS!


seriously, though, how much weed do you think slash bought with the check he got from his appearances on american idol this week????? you know ’89 slash was totally amped on Kris Allen’s interpretation of “come together”! right, anyway…slash, man, its the year 2G9, enough horseshit, call up this guy put him back on the sauce/jean shorts combination; call up izzy, duff, & him or even him and get back on shredding face and off tripping balls, thanks, love ya, bye!

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New World Order


Only screened at the 2009 SXSW conference and once on the IFC Channel, New World Order (the movie) is a documentary based on individuals who’s lives revolve around the supposed New World Order, Bilderberg Group and 911 conspiracies. The documentary stars a select few from this “scene”, including their unofficial leader  Alex Jones, who has also made cameos in the independent films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

In this documentary you will laugh at, laugh with, pitty and admire these individuals. I love this film because directors Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel do an incredible job of letting the films ‘stars’, and those that they encounter, hang themselves with their own words and actions. The confrontations they have, and their arguments with everyday people and politicians at all levels, are simply priceless.  It’s hilarious and brilliantly sarcastic. Well worth a watch! (Catch the movie here here)

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In recent news, NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell – originally part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, claimed that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by governments worldwide.

Mitchell was quoted saying, “only in our period do we really have evidence. No, we’re not alone.”




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