Premiere: guns – Ricochet


guns is 24 year old Trondheim, Norway native Gunhild Jarwson Tekle. Debut track “Ricochet” matches dreamy neatly constructed production to already impressive songcraft (that chorus hook is something very serious indeed) and a broad, diffuse yet complementary, palette of influences including Kate Bush, Blood Orange and ABBA. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Ricochet” from guns below.

guns norway (Soundcloud) (Twitter) (Facebook)

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Premiere: Old Soul – I Want More


“I Want More” is the first stream from Maine band Old Soul’s upcoming LP Omnipresent. Recorded in a ramshackle old barn overlooking an Atlantic Coast farm, Omnipresent‘s roomy spacious sound embraces both the environment that it was recorded in and the band’s low touch approach to songwriter pop. “I Want More”, with its references of influence ranging from AA Bondy to Vetiver, is molded around carefree acoustic strums woven into neatly crafted sing-a-long melodies. Stream the B3 Premiere of Old Soul’s “I Want More” below and look for details on Omnipresent here.

Old Soul maine (Bandcamp)

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Premiere: HUNTAR – Loneliest Feeling


HUNTAR today releases debut “Love I Know” EP. The South London newcomer has emerged in the last year as a blogosphere favorite with his Jai Paul/Ben Khan-styled inventive pop well praised and lauded by press on both sides of the Atlantic. “Loneliest Feeling” is the final track preview from “Love I Know”; the song features a kinetic, approaching danceable, rhythm track balanced by playful electronics and instrumental syncopations and topped by HUNTAR’s infectious seemingly stream-of-emotion/consciousness very immediate melody. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Loneliest Feeling” and look for HUNTAR’s “Love I Know” EP out today.

HUNTAR england (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Miamigo – Hard To Love


“Hard To Love” is the sophomore track online and lead song from Brighton newcomers Miamigo. Broody-edged synths, and shudder-y guitar stabs outline a track with a sneaky strong chorus hook and instantly infectious tunefulness. Miamigo will released their debut EP on June 14th via Indian Hop Records and will perform live for the time as part of The Great Escape on May 14th at Patterns.

Miamigo (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Rationale – Fast Lane


Rationale is a newish producer out of East London. The equal parts modern R&B/pop and history of UK rock “Fast Lane” contains snippets of influence spanning from Noah “40” Shebib to Johnny Marr. The resulting genre diverse melange is notably held together well by some skilled arranging and writing from Mr. Rationale. Stream the B3 Premiere of Rationale’s “Fast Lane” below and look for a four track EP in the summer.

Rationale (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Miya Folick – Talking With Strangers


“Talking With Strangers” is new from Los Angeles-based Miya Folick. Raised in a SoCal Buddhist household and a lover of classical choral music (yes!), Miya’s folkish guitar-driven music is infused with a sublime (and refreshing) quality unique to her. New track “Talking With Strangers” is constructed of a dynamic frame of crescendo guitars and chuggins drums but has the otherness to it, a depth of palette and mood that is consuming. Listen.

Miya Folick california (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Remi Miles – Under Light Symphonies (Jamie CoPilot Remix)

remi miles

Jamie CoPilot lends an elegant swag to “Under Light Symphonies” from Brighton’s latest pop export, Remi Miles. CoPilot’s subtle electronics soundscape serves a favorable complement to the track’s melodically tropical overtones. Be sure to pick up the new ‘Under Light Symphonies’ EP from Remi Miles and sample the world premiere of Jamie CoPilot’s remix of the title track below.

Remi Miles england (Facebook)

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Premiere: Meadowlark – Fire


We’re very pleased to premiere this beautiful new bit of acoustic pop from duo Meadowlark. Previewed from Meadowlark’s upcoming Ant West-produced (Oh Wonder) “Dual” EP for Believe Recordings, “Fire” succeeds adeptly in a similar space of fidelity to Oh Wonder and is comparable to in level and quality of writing. We love “Fire” and are quite excited for “Dual”‘s March 30th release. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Fire” from Meadowlark below.

Meadowlark (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Boats – Shallows


The stunning “Shallows” is the second single online for Melbourne AU artist Boats. Excerpted from the Australian artist’s upcoming debut EP, “Shallows” commands a beautiful almost choral church-dwelling fidelity that does very well to enhance and magnify the track’s really gorgeous set of melodic phrases. We are in love. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Shallows” by Boats below.

Boats (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: SILVR – Dark


“Dark” is the online debut of Los Angeles-based artist SILVR. “Dark” adeptly strides a line between broad accessibility and strong pop construction and buzzworthy choices in the track’s instrumental and production; a method of composition we can most certainly get behind. We are into it. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Dark” from SILVR below.

SILVR california (Facebook)

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Premiere: Jodie Abacus – I’ll Be That


“I’ll Be That” is the debut track online for Catford, London newcomer Jodie Abacus. “I’ll Be That” starts with an infectious, feel good, expertly-crafted set of melodies and focuses them through a wide history of R&B palette (tinges of R&B from the 70’s up through today can be picked up in the mix) resulting in an accomplished piece of very strong pop-tinged R&B. Stream the B3 Premiere of “I’ll Be That” from Jodie Abacus below.

Jodie Abacus (Soundcloud)

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Premiere: Oh Wonder – The Rain (StéLouse Edition)


Two of the blogosphere’s hottest names connect on this new StéLouse remix of Oh Wonder’s latest “The Rain”. The Denver-based StéLouse selects for a low touch rhythm track and a massaged-back cooled-out instrumental doing well to boost up the original’s melodic qualities in a very complementary way. Stream the B3 Premiere of StéLouse’s remix of Oh Wonder’s “The Rain” below.

StéLouse colorado (Soundcloud)

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