Premiere: Mondo Cozmo – Shine

We don’t know much about Mondo Cozmo but there seems to be much to like about this LA via Philly native. With a lot of pretty consistent redundancy in the sound of today’s popular music (on both sides of the pond), Mondo Cozmo clearly doesn’t care to take note about the status quo. Distinct influence by way of decades deep Mancunian/Brit rock is paired with a tactful baritone vocal, reminiscent of icons like Bill Withers and Bob Dylan. Mondo Cozmo is sure to ring home for anyone who appreciates an honest soul in their music. For us, “Shine” is authentically classic and assertively relevant. Be on the look out for more Mondo Cozmo and “Shine” on a debut EP expected in 2017.

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Baron & Byrne – Victoria

We dig the melodic swerves, cool production choices, and overall atmosphere/feel of “Victoria”, the new track from UK songwriter Baron & Byrne. Vaguely psychedelic with its buzzing organ and unexpected chord intervals, “Victoria” finds a magnetic quality in the blend between its alternately surreal and familiar traditional pop writing elements. Get familiar with Baron & Byrne below.

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Premiere: George Cosby – All of Your Love

B3 is very pleased to premiere “All Of Your Love” the new single from favorite UK songwriter George Cosby. Cosby, a nominee for 2016’s Blog Sound poll and a selection of Radio 1’s Best of Introducing, has through breakout tracks “Vacant Grace” “Ritual Blush” & “State of Undress” tallied over 1M streams on Spotify. The talented Londoner excels on new one “All of Your Love” which succeeds through a pair of Cosby’s big strengths A+ writing and potent/impassioned vocals. “All of Your Love” (which is available now to stream below) is a component part of George Cosby’s forthcoming “A Savage Kiss” EP, out October 14th on Yucatan Records.

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Avid Dancer – You Only Like Me With The Lights Out

The L.A.-based marine turned songwriter Avid Dancer is back with his first track since last fall’s 1st Bath LP in the form of “You Only Like Me With The Lights Out”. Dressed up in reverb and a subtly anthemic chorus hook, “You Only” is a very strong return.

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George Cosby – Juliet

Major songwriting talent George Cosby is following up his debut LP Human Touch with a new EP “A Savage Kiss”. Next track up from the EP is the high-drama piano-driven pop of “Juliet”, a track who’s ambition and bigness is equally matched to Cosby’s potent wail.

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Nilüfer Yanya – Small Crimes

“Small Crimes” is London-based newcomer Nilüfer Yanya debut for the Blue Flowers label. Vocally potent and instrumentally interesting (the use of jazz-influenced chords, and the beautiful picked guitar melodies are particularly cool), it’s “Small Crimes” pacing and accomplished hold on emotive dynamics that really stands out. “Small Crimes” is out now.

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Jay Som – Peach Boy

NorCal songwriter Jay Som announces signing to Polyvinyl with fresh stream “Peach Boy”. A part of Polyvinyl-helmed re-release of Jay Som’s 2015 Bandcamp outing Turn Into, “Peach Boy” conveys more of JS’s cool psychedlic groove buoyed by strong melodies sound that we love at B3.

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Agnes Obel – Familiar

German artist Agnes Obel renews her impressive streak of strong tracks on the sublime, sweeping, acoustic pop of “Familiar”.

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