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Garnet Mimms – “As Long As I Have You”


Garnet Mimms – As Long As I Have You

1964. later covered by zeppelin. get familiar.

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rating: 8.3


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The Thermals – “Now We Can See”

The Thermals – Now We Can See

Since the Velvet Teen, it’s been little secret in our hood that Chris Walla knows a good band when he hears them.

From their new release The Body, The Blood and The Machine…

The Thermals prove that power-pop is still a force to be reckoned with.








rating: 8


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Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)”


Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

“its music pure and simple and hard, and soulful…if you insist, full of promise & determination, community & humanity.”

rating: 7.8

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Spiritualized – “Out of Sight”


Spiritualized – Out of Sight

“out of sight” fucking rules. indie rock and roll with loud guitars and loud drums, WHERE YOU AT? cause where i stand is only three miles from space. (where i’m at)

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rating: 9.3


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Lily Allen – “The Fear” (Duke Dumont Remix)


Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix)

lalalalelop lalalalelop lalalalelop lalalalelop fuck. synth synth synth synth fuck. duke dumont’s remix of “the fear”, lily allen’s lead single of her sophomore record “it’s not me, it’s you”, owns the original mix of the song. goodbye!

rating: 8.8


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Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”


Bat For Lashes – Daniel

on the real, if i read another comparison of bat for lashes’ new single “daniel” to kate bush (i don’t care!)…..or some variation of this phrase “Bat For Lashes aka (also known as) Natasha Khan” (looked up on wikipedia). the beat on this song kills. the dynamic of the kick/snare 1-2 reeling khan’s melody in-out-in-out.

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rating: 6.5

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Coconut Records – “West Coast”


Coconut Records – West Coast

Speaking of Phantom Planet…Jason Schwartzman’s new project. I’m feeling that breakdown yo…

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rating: 6.75999999


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Maino – “All the Above” (feat. T-Pain)


Maino – All the Above (feat. T-Pain)

the video for “all the above” defies a common rap stereotype, if the rapper’s previous hit single is played in the background of a clip’s start, the new single is likely wack as fuck. psych! not “all the above”. just what makes “all the above” a total banger? just blaze? faheem rasheed najm? maino?….. “all the above”!

rating: 8.0

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k-os – “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman”


k-os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

phantom planet, you’ve officially been chopped and screwed. 

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rating: 9.0


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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Dull Life”


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dull Life

100 years old! “dull life” rules. everything that made the last two franz records boring/unlistenable, this song is not.
zinner’s guitar work is on the fuckin’ money! at 1:18, the song goes half-time. what?? where did that come from? who cares!
from there, karen o just takes over. see ya!

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rating: 8.2

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ALBUM BATTLE: Wavves – Wavves vs. Sam Cooke – Live at the Harlem Square Club





two albums enter but only one can be victorious…..

wavves – wavves (2008)

01. rainbow everywhere: ???
02. beach demon: ok, rock and roll. 4/4 beat. but where is the singing?!?!!! wow, if i listen to this song anymore, i think i’ll die. ok, next.
03. to the dregs: oh baby, this sucks!
04. sun open my eyes: i wish i were able to solar eclipse my ears about now
05. gun in the sun: more like gun in my ears!
06. so bored: agree!
07. goth girls: sucks!
08. no hope kids: agree!
09. weed demon:
10. california goths: not another song with the word “goth” in the title. too much nihilism in my area!
11. summer goth: see above
12. beach goth: wow noise!
13. killr punx, scary demons: i want to “scare demons” by “killing the punk” who recorded this piece of piss
14. surf goth: wow!

sam cooke – live at the harlem square club (1963)

01. feel it: i love how amped the crowd is to hear cooke. you can really feel it in the recording. don’t fight it, feel it.
02. chain gang: i love the rawness of the mix….the rattle of drum kit. the urgency of this performance….the looseness of the interplay between cooke and his band and cooke and his audience.
03. cupid: cooke has probably performed this song hundreds of times to thousands of people… but even through the recording it really doesn’t feel that way. cooke wants to sing this song. he wants to sing it you. and nothing else matters to him at the moment than that.
04. it’s allright/for sentimental reasons: hell yes! i love how he sets up the opening few lines of “it’s allright”. don’t hit on your wife or anything like that! just let her know!
05. twistin’ the night away: it’s amazing how happy a song recorded 46 years ago can make you feel.
06. somebody have mercy: amen!
07. bring it on home to me: so awesome. what a vocal. the tension build/resolution dynamic between vocal/band is especially powerful.
08. nothing can change this love: i got into this song through otis redding’s version. i love otis but cooke just kills this.
09. having a party: cooke’s instruction to the audience to continue to party after the show and into the night feels more like a celebration than a valediction.

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