October 28, 2014

Review: Red Bull Sound Select Presents – Hanni El Khatib and Hindu Pirates @ Del Monte Speakeasy in Los Angeles 10/21/2014

Hanni El Khatib Red Bull LA

Review by Geovani Donaires

Red Bull Sound Select Presents hosted another of their monthly music showcases recently at the Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice, California. For those unfamiliar with Red Bull Sound Select, each year they organize monthly events across the country to promote emerging new artists. Last night, LA music enthusiasts made their way down the steps of the Del Monte venue to a crowded basement of fans waiting to rock out to Hanni El Khatib and to be (re)introduced to Hin Du.

Hin Du, formerly known as Hindu Pirates (for their fans who are unaware of the name change) quickly received love from the crowd who praised guitarist Giussepe LoBasso by chanting, “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci!” Hin Du reciprocated the love by interacting back with the crowd. I was able to catch up with the band after the show and was told their new album is almost complete. Hin Du is definitely a must checkout band.

The night was not completed until Hanni El Khatib blessed the stage. Fans braced themselves for loud amps of core a mosh pit as Hanni EL Khatib rocked the basement of Del Monte. El Khatib was no stranger to this venue as he stated in his performance “it’s been like, five years since I played here.” Fans were treated with a couple of new tracks that hopefully means the follow up to their 2013 record, Head in the Dirt is in the works. For his new track “Moonlight” Hanni El Khatib stepped down from the stage and began jamming with the crowd.

Red Bull Sound Select will continue to put on shows during the month of November as well, so be in the look out for more incredible events to come.

Photos by Koury Angelo / Red Bull Content Pool

Hanni El Khatib (Facebook)

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Hindu Pirates Red Bull

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