October 28, 2014

Interview with Kacy Hill

Kacy Hill - Lo Res

Interview by Erin Feathers and Geovanni Donaires

L.A. based Kacy Hill stylishly announced her musical debut with the recent release of her sharp and lovely Electro track “Experience” which is a subtle, refreshingly lyrical repose that alluringly showcases Hill’s talent as a producer, vocalist and poet. Apropos to the title, “Experience” teeters on the edge of innocence and risqué. Hill’s interestingly provocative lyrics and whispery vocals are so flirtatiously opaque they exude that star quality of a finely-tuned balance between artistic virtue and that ever-so-inviting steamy seduction of the imagination. Immersed in wonderful understatement, the production includes some vivacious electronic instrumental accents such as a quietly percolating bass line, simple melodic cowbell and well-timed ending background vocal loop; all of which serve to complement Hill’s soft and raspy vocals, vastly poetic lyrics and passionate yet wily, overtly-feminine delivery.

“Experience” also features a brilliantly spartan accompanying music video which captures and showcases Hill’s natural beauty and inherent star quality with a repetitive array of close up images as she delicately sings the lyrics. The video is strikingly minimalist as well; it only reveal Hills very pretty face, with is gorgeous smathering of freckles, perfectly-imperfect teeth and luminescent blue eyes which are jauntily obscured by a transparent plastic 70’s visor that she dawns throughout much of the video. Hill, who embodies the timeless look of a vintage postcard pinup from yesteryear, is an absolute eye charmer and therefore mesmerizing in each and every frame of the video which, in all its quiet simplicity cleverly introduces the world’s senses to the very capable, talented and trend-setting Kacy Hill.

B3SCI: I think it’s awesome that as a caption on your Youtube channel you have “I make music you don’t know about.” So tell us, the Kacy Hill “Experience,” what is it and where do you see yourself going as you begin your journey in the music scene?

Kacy: I think for me, the whole Kacy Hill “Experience” has been really heavy in observing and figuring where I fit, both as an artist and a person with a whole bunch of feelings. As I’ve begun to discover myself a bit more, I’ve ended up laying a (really cool) foundation of music to work off of and hope to continue with that and put out honest music I would be excited to hear myself..

B3SCI: The lyrics for “Experience” are wonderfully vast and poetic. Can you briefly describe how they came about, what they mean to you, and if they are designed to send a specific message to the world? Tell us about the most important line (or statement) from the song, both for you personally and regarding others.

Kacy: I wrote “Experience” at a strange time in my life where I was working at an ice cream store, starting to regret my decision to opt out of university, and feeling super lost. Sitting down to write it was like a journal entry and I started writing about things I wanted to do and what was holding me back. Everything I crave caters to a feeling rather than a physical thing, so “Experience” revolves around being uncomfortable in the best way possible.

“Freedom a state of mind/sold to wandering eyes/substances controlled to protect the mind” comments a bit on society’s inability to function without mind-altering substances. I think there’s something really lovely in being able to be a human and be nervous and weird and be okay with it. Everyone wants to be sold a lifestyle but no one wants to honestly feel what it is to be consciously alive.

B3SCI: Are there any cool remixes in the works that we can be on the look out for? Do you have plans to collaborate with any artists, musicians or producers in the near future?

Kacy: We’ll see! I think there are going to be some really amazing sounds coming along soon.

B3SCI: Living in LA with so many bands and singers, do you find yourself comparing, getting inspired or wanting to collaborate with anyone?

Kacy: I like making music a whole lot so I always enjoy collaborations. It’s all inspiring! I don’t think one group or individual inspires me completely, but constantly working with new people and learning from them is very humbling and gets me super hyped to make cool stuff.

B3SCI: What do you think are some similarities as far as putting yourself out there as a model and now as a musician? What experiences did you take from modeling and how did you incorporate them to your music world? Expand upon how it has helped to form your artistic tone and aesthetic as either a model or singer-songwriter.

Kacy: I think with both modelling and music, there is little room to hide. I put a lot of myself into my writing and it ends up feeling like I’m reading my journal entry out loud. I think it’s a really interesting point of view being both the observer and being observed. Modeling is great and definitely helped me be conscious of the aesthetic that I present, but I never felt any connection to it, so I think having creative freedom and catharsis in music was a chance to breathe.

B3SCI: Did you have a musical upbringing? Was your family involved in shaping your career as a singer-songwriter? Do you play any instruments?

Kacy: I went to a funny little performing arts school growing up and played oboe and saxophone and sang in choir there for some years, so my musical background is all based in that chunk of classical knowledge.

B3SCI: You began your artistic career in your home town of Phoenix as an assistant to a wedding photographer who later helped to uncover your beauty by taking photos of you. Do you still have an interest in or enjoy being behind or in front of the camera? Any noteworthy perspective worth sharing?

Kacy: As I mentioned before, I enjoy being observed and being the observer. I think the juxtaposition of vulnerability between being a photographer and being photographed is really lovely and both positions forced me to focus on detail that I normally would not have.

B3SCI: Can you reflect on a life experience that has transformed you as an artist or give some advice to young people who (like yourself) want to explore different faces as an artist?

Kacy: The past year has been a lot of letting go of poisonous relationships with other people and thoughts I let brood in myself. Good feelings come from letting yourself feel good and with that in mind, I think as an artist and as a person it’s best to stay honest and do things that make you feel good.

B3SCI: Your nose is fabulously pierced in your cool new video for “Experience”. Did you already have the piercing or did you decide to take the plunge for the video?

Kacy: I’ve had this little guy in my nose for a while now! It was a product of boredom.

B3SCI: We’re hooking you up with a ride in the B3SCI time machine? Imagine if you could go anywhere in the past or present. What time period would you choose and what makes you want visit that particular reality?

Kacy: Ancient Greece vibes. I think their technology was far advanced than ours because they had the intellectual capacity to understand what they were creating.

B3SCI: When can fans get a chance to see Kacy hill perform live?

Kacy: tbd…

B3SCI: When can we expect your next single?

Kacy: Eeeee hopefully soon…

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