November 30, 2017

Premiere: Koalas – Two Loves

The impeccable synth-pop of “Two Loves” is new from Manchester UK duo Koalas. Propelled from its start position by peppy minor chord synth stabs, a percussive main vocal melody and a kinetic rhythm track, “Two Loves” is magnetic from the off.

Koalas’ Samuel Jones adds about the track’s genesis and inspiration, ““We wanted the song to act like a modern Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams but written from a more positive perspective. I like the idea of a song alluding to themes around human love and kink but without ever being too obvious or explicit, demanding an emotional response and not just physical. Musically the track is a bit of a ride with stark contrasts in dynamics and density between the different sections of the song. It’s a favourite for us to play live as there’s probably the most room in this tune to go off map. ”

“Two Loves” is a component part of a new AA single from Koalas (with “Lover”) for label Low Four. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Two Loves” below.

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