March 23, 2017

Premiere: Aaron Taos – Off My Mind (Video)

Back in February, we called Aaron Taos’ “Off My Mind” one of the best pop songs of thus far of this weird year of 2017. Well, 2017 is still weird and “Off My Mind” is still one of the year’s best thusfar. Effortless knockout hook one after another, “Off My Mind” bridges accessibility and pop artfulness in a particularly special way. We’re stoked to premiere the video for the track which in Aaron’s words centers on “essentially me going through a day stuck at my parents house thinking about this person I’m singing about.”, continuing, “When I first started seeing my girlfriend, she was in Virginia and I was home for the summer in New Haven, so the video is pretty accurate in that sense.” Look out for what is ostensibly a real-life cameo from Taos’ parents in the clip. Stream the B3 Premiere of Aaron Taos’ video for “Off My Mind” below and you can stream the track on Spotify here.

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