January 25, 2018

Premiere: CAPYAC – Down In It (Feat. Caroline Watson)

“Down In It” is brand new (premiere! premiere! premiere!) from French band CAPYAC. Vets of SXSW, Austin City Limits, Euphoria Fest, Sound on Sound Fest, the group traffic in expertly executed warm Francophone synth-driven textures and melodies. The track features vocalist Caroline Watson and may/may not be an insight into the direction of the band’s forthcoming EP “Who Is Donny Flamingo”. To quote (and follow carefully), “In 1612, on the 15th night of the first month, when the moon was half, centered in the sky and the village’s families in their beds, there was a local magistrate who pondered the great questions in his mind. He found his quill and his ink and began to, without filter, press his thoughts into the page. This is a similar feeling that we had writing the song “Down In It”. We want the page to reveal the shapes that correspond with letters and enunciations, corresponding to feelings that we’ve had and that the universal “we” have also had. There is no use rewriting the books, because we have printers. This gives you a glimpse of insight into our writing process. As a whole, how does this song fit into our next EP “Who is Donny Flamingo”? It remains to be seen. Certainly, Donny Flamingo is a curious character that is difficult to define, a complex villain, a tale as old as tails, so I don’t think we have the answers, not yet at least.”

Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Down In It” from CAPYAC.

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