July 13, 2017

Premiere: PARKER – Runs & Rides

Photo Credit: Sofia Sallons

Now living in England, 21-year old PARKER spent her formative years in Australia. For PARKER, new track “Runs & Rides” is thematically a re-animation of that time in her life,

“Runs and Rides as a phrase, conjures up ideas of escapism for me. As a child it was riding my bike around these bumpy small town backstreets and then as a teenager, it was speeding around in cars with the music turned up loud, driving nowhere in particular…we’d sneak out on the weekends and drive around, go to parties, drink on the beach, fall in love. I just really romanticise those years in my head, so I wanted to capture them…it all feels so much more exciting the first time around.”

The track is a sleek turn of chunky inventive rhythm structures, a cool percussive vocal melody, and a sheen on top of reverbed guitar jabs and synth menace. We’re very pleased to B3 premiere “Runs & Rides” new from PARKER for Killing Moon Records.

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