November 5, 2015

Premiere: ROCH – Kintsugi


ROCH streams today second track online “Kintsugi” (following-up very good “Closer”). About the track, ROCH says she was “listening to a lot of early Grace Slick when I wrote ‘Kintsugi’ which was a major influence”; which we can hear in the coolly chant-styled hymnal-quality melody and vocal. And that the narrative of the track follows “feeling estranged from where you are or who you are, and that sense you have when finding yourself in unfamiliar situations and having to make conscious decisions to arrive at that certain point without knowing how you got there, (“are we altogether lovingly out of place”). We dig the juxtaposition of instrumental/aesthetic style (the warmth of the vocal lines) with the lyrical account of dislocation. It’s a potent conceptual blend.

ROCH (Soundcloud)

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