August 22, 2018

B3SCI Top 12 of the Week (08/17/18 – daste)

The B3 Top 12 is back this week with new winners from Maribou State, a big rhythmic pop track from NEIL FRANCES, a cooler from Amine and features cover artist Daste, three talented Australians who debut strong out the gate with “Thinkin’ Of”. Stream the Top 12 now on Spotify and Apple Music.

daste – Thinkin’ Of
Maribou State / Holly Walker – Nervous Tics
NEIL FRANCES – Coming Back Around
Amine – Dr. Whoever
Blonder – BB Song
Dansu – Don’t You Give Up
The Marias – Carino
Her’s – Under Wraps
Eliza Shaddad – This Is My Cue
Henry Nowhere – Not Going Back
LOYAL – Everything (She)
Cat Power/ Lana Del Rey – Woman

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