August 15, 2018

B3SCI Top 12 of the Week (08/10/18 – Serious Klein)

The latest iteration of the B3 Top 12 features a summertime viber from Germany-based MC (and cover artist) Serious Klein plus new ones from Godmode king Channel Tres, 37 Adventures’ Burhou, and an excellent late-night cooler from Drinker. Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music

Serious Klein / Romeo – Should’ve Known
Channel Tres – Jet Black
Burrhou – 38 Degrees
ESCHES – Nomads
Shagabond / Noah – Arouse
Free Love – Pushing Too Hard
A Beacon School – It’s Late
Island Fox – Comrade
Childcare – Magazines
Inflo – No Fear
Drinker – Fragment II
Asal Hazel / Mndsgn – U Say U Do

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