December 14, 2010

Burial – In McDonalds (Mokhov Ghost Remix)


I think if there’s a schedule of rules or fundamental commandments of dubstep, post-dubstep, whatever, Don’t fuck with Burial should probably be on it. And when I first heard this Burial mix done by Russian-born now U.S. musician Mokhov, I kind of feared for the worst. But maybe 15-20 seconds into the track I was already hooked, that play turned into several and before I knew by late afternoon today I had played the track maybe two dozen times. Something about the measuredness of Mokhov’s drums and how they sort of blended with the track, moved with it, inhaled/exhaled in and out with it that really drew me in. The restraint to keep the remix’s embellishments to a minimum, complementing the simplicity and spaciousness of the original mix, should be noted too. A+, well done.

Burial – In McDonalds (Mokhov Ghost Remix)

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Rating: 8.3


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