May 5, 2009

Flap Your Arms Like A Duck!


Marsha Gee – Pop Peanut Duck

Marsha Gee gives the performance of her career. Literally. Since this tune, she has disappeared and nobody knows where or who she is because Marsha Gee wasn’t her real name. The “Pop Peanut Duck” won’t make you want to dance or flap your arms, as she requests, but it will make you laugh. There is some proper mid-60’s tripping balls on this track, most notably during the vocal take and specifically at the end when Marsha has an orgasm of supposed sounds that ducks make when they dance. I stand by my instinct, and swear that I hear at least a few ‘giggitys’ in there. Tracked sometime in the 60’s, the “Pop Peanut Duck” will leave you asking yourself what people have been wondering now for decades, what the hell is this?

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