May 4, 2009

Sergeant – Swiftly Does It


Sergeant – Swiftly Does It

While they are a another new band with not a new sound, the Scotts of Sergeant do know how to write a moody brit-pop song – as heard on their new single “Swiftly Does It”. Their bad live’esque music videos won’t be stopping me from attending their show when they finally journey across the pond for a tour. Yes, I do believe that “official” music videos which are montages of past live shows, but synched with audio from the studio recording, are 97.9961% of the time a sad and lame disaster. For some reason this band’s entire video catalogue is comprised of these. Either way, they are now part of the Another Music = Another Kitchen label, and knowing their track record, things should only be getting better

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Rating: 8

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