June 22, 2015

Luca – Best On (Feat. Tei Shi)


We are happy to introduce the freshly-minted collaboration “Best On” from two of our favorite NYC emerging-talent artists, LUCA (aka producer Luca Buccellati who is one half of Brooklyn-raised producer duo Yellerkin) and Brooklyn-based Argentinian gal-pal producer-songstress Tei Shi who has garnered our attentions many times on the blog with her world-class vocal prowess and fresh minimalist production/collaboration style. In November B3 covered the two’s previous diverse-genre joint-collaboration track (created along with Dave Bayley of Glass Animals) called “See Me” which was Tei Shi’s much anticipated follow-up track to her 2014 gem hit “Bassically” that hit #1 on Hypem and also helped land her slot #11 on our year-end list of B3SCI Best of 2014: Artists to Watch in 2015. New track “Best On” in which Tei Shi contributes the vocal/lyrical complement to LUCA’s production know-how and seductive beats, is producer Luca Buccellati’s ingenious lavishly-spun means to announce the launch of his solo side-project as LUCA. Well played! With its poppy intrinsically-wound minimalist instrumentals and Tei Shi’s signature dreamy ultra-feminine soulfully-artistic R&B-tinged vocal harmonies and stunning lyrical wiles, the incredible impeccably-produced debut track “Best On” showcases not only a terrific start to LUCA’s repackaged-as-solo-sound but it witnesses Tei Shi’s upper-echelon caliber talent gracefully unfolding into a new slightly-softer and poppy, tempered-edge more-confident drop-dead gorgeous sound. We are psyched to say that Tei Shi, with the assistance of LUCA (who stated that he enjoys collaborating with other artists and helping them fine-tune their sound) has embodied a new catchy appeal and level of emotion with her vocals on par with “Bassically”. “Best On” which is about “putting your best on” for someone special is out via LUCA’s own label Garden Party Records. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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